2017 Project Manta

Project Manta Ningaloo Reef

From 8th - 14th October 2016 Annette Hendrix from Shailer Park State High School in Queensland will join researchers in their quest to collect ecological data on the diverse species that live in the clear waters of Ningaloo Reef.

Along with the other Earthwatch volunteers participating in the expedition, Annette will be contribute to the collection of critical information on the habitat use, movement and behaviour of manta rays, which will help to improve the management and protection of this species. They will also gather data on the impact of tourism and other human activities on other elasmobranchs, including numerous species of benthic ray and reef sharks.

Click here to read Annette's blogs, view photos of the expedition and find out more about the research she is undertaking.

Click here if you are interested in finding out about how you can contribute to the conservation of manta rays and other species, by participating in the Project Manta Ningaloo Reef expedition.