Exploring Australia's Underwater Meadows - 2016

To help ensure our marine life continues into the future Earthwatch Australia and the Geography Teachers Association of Victoria partnered to send teachers on Earthwatch's Exploring Australia's Underwater Meadows expedition in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Six teachers selected from schools around Victoria participated in the program in October 2016, helping scientists from local conservation organisation Healthy Land and Water to figure out exactly how pollutants from Brisbane are affecting Moreton Bay. The teachers acted as field assistants, and helped scientists by snorkeling, boating, and wading in the bay, while collecting vital data on the sediment, seagrass, and small fish and marine animals living there to determine how humans are changing the ecosystem.

Click on the teachers' names below to view the blogs, photos and videos they post during the expedition, or to see the lesson plans and activities they created for students:

View from Point Lookout           Leanne Outtram, from Bayview College            Emily Becker Boneo Primary School          Emily Becker, from Boneo Primary School
 James making notes 300x300          James Osborne, from Kings College   Sophie White 300x300          Sophie White, from North Melbourne Primary School
Bonnie3 300x300          Bonnie Zuidland, from Upwey High School   Day 7 - Andy saluting 225x225         Andy Ashton, from Westgarth Primary School