Day Five: Shark Surprise and Dugong Magic

I was fortunate enough to spend Wednesday night sleeping in the cabin of the catamaran and it was the most restful sleep I can remember having. The boat rocked slightly all night and I slept like a log until I was woken up by the boat's engine starting at 5.30am in preparation for the day sailing.

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Day Four: Dolphins and dugongs

Day four started early with another spectacular sunrise as we headed to the southern end of North Stradbroke Island to take sea grass samples. The research team split into two groups and in the morning I was operating the sled again, dropping the sled like contraption into the water and recording the sea grass coverage at depths too deep to snorkel at. Again, unfortunately, there was very little sea grass and mostly sandy bottoms.

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Day Three: A video sled and more sea grass samples

 Day three consisted of more sea grass recording, however, instead of just snorkelling to the bottom and grabbing handfuls, we used various different methods to monitor the sea grass. In the morning we dropped a sled with a GoPro camera attached which dropped to the bottom and we were able to record the conditions.

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Prior to Departure!


For the next week I will be absent from classes as I am attending an expedition to Moreton Bay to learn more about teaching Geography and conducting fieldwork investigations.

On Sunday I am flying to Brisbane then catching a ferry to North Stradbroke Island where I will meet a group of other Geography teachers, scientists and researchers. From here, we will travel to different areas in Moreton Bay to conduct research on seagrass and the health of this habitat. 

Moreton Bay is home to a huge range of sealife that we can only dream about in Broadford! I am hoping to see turtles, dolphins, dugongs and maybe even some whales. Seagrass is vital for these animals' survival as many of them rely on this plant as a food source and a place to hide.

I will be posting blogs and activities on this website so please check in regularly to see what I have been doing and to complete the lesson plants that I leave here.

I look forward to returning to Broadford SC with more knowledge about conducting fieldwork so we can get out and complete more Geography excursions and activities.

From Miss Glover