Dugongs and shipwrecks

Today I spent the morning on the catamaran taking samples off the back of the boat with sled. I was able to video call my 7W class which was great to show them what we were doing and see their similing faces. 

The afternoon was spent snorkelling for samples and swimming with dugongs. This was very exciting as they are pretty shy animals and usually move away from people, especially if you're in a boat with an engine! We used paddles in our boat to get closer to the dugongs and used the depth sounder to see if there were any under our boat. Dugongs are a threatened species becasue of habitat loss due coastal development and as well as water pollution from industrial activities. The research we are doing is to see the spatial distribution of seagrass that the dugongs feed off. 

We also snorkelled around a ship wreck where we saw lots of beautiful fish and coral. 

ThursdaySampling in shallow water.