Turtles cruising and koalas fighting

Today invovled more sample collecting. We deployed more cameras in a various depths of water and collected lots of seagrass samples. We saw lots of turtles today, swimming very  fast!

The program we are working with is called Healthy Land and Water. Their aim is to improve the sustainable use of land and waterways in South-East Queensland. Impacts on the bay include sediment filling the bay after flooding, pollutants from the urban areas collecting in the bay and invasive species distrupting the native species. Our data will be used as part of a long term study to measure the health of the sea grass. 

When we arrived back at the Moreton Bay research centre, there were two Koala's fighting in the tree. They were not scared of us and kept fighting after they saw us. They are very familiar with humans. 

Today most of the research team improved their snorkelling personal best. Our sampling depths vary anything between less than 50cm (I have taken samples just from leaning out over the boat) to up to six metres in rough conditions. We all try to improve and push ourselves a bit further each day.