Twelve Days of Diving

Twelve hours on the water

Eleven cameras
Ten afternoon research samples
Nine sandwhich toppings
Eight starfish
Seven dolphins
Six teachers
Five fifty wake up time
Four turtles
Three boats
Two wallabies
One sea eagle

Today was a BIG first day. We headed out at 6:30 and had breakfast on the boat. 
We are researching the seagrass in Moreton Bay. The research includes: lattitude and longatude, depth of water,  type of seagrass species, covereage of seagrass, if the earth is sand or mud, epiphytes (a plant that grows on another plant) and algae. This information is collected by diving down and collecting handfuls of seagrass. We also used cameras and bait to analyse the sea life in the area. 

But year sevens, more information on the The Quandamooka peoples! They used the sea eagle  (we saw two today) known as Merriginpah when hunting for schools of fish. The bird flying over the water would show the hunters where the fish was located becasue the sea eagle were looking at taking the fish out of the water. Most people today use special mapping technology to find where the most fish are.