Starting the research trip - Indigenous Artefacts at our front door!

Today involved travelling to the research site and induction into the program. This involved a lot of sitting and listening, a big change up from ususally being the one talking!

Our group is staying on North Stradbroke Island (Straddie), located on Moreton Bay. This is where we will be conducting the research. 

To access Straddie, you need to take a boat from Cleaveland, which is approximately 50 minutes from Brisbane Airport. So today has involved lots of travelling but the weather has been perfect!

Without even being on the hunt for Indigenous culture I have found evidence right at our front door! There is a midden in front of the research station. You are not allowed to walk over the midden and must make sure that if you see anything that might be evidence to leave it alone. Pretty exciting that the indigenous culture is respected and celebrated. 

The Quandamooka peoples have lived on North Stradbroke island for over 25,000 years. An important part of their diet is shellfish, Eugarie (donax deltoids), found on the ocean beach and also on the western beaches. It is these discarded mollusc shells that form the large middens (a shell heap) on the foreshore. 

Tomorrow the snorkelling and sample collecting begins.