Day 6 - the last day of field work

I just noticed this thing in the first aid kit of the boat. Not really the sort of thing you want to see when being towed behind the boat like a fishing lure...

Day 6 - first aid kit

Today we were dragged along behind the boat on a tray. If you dipped the tray forward, you dived under the water to the bottom. Then you angled it upwards and you rose to the surface. It was fun! However, I saw "the man in the grey suit" that miring and I was very anxious about getting in the water. This was good for me because I don't get anxious too much and it was a good challenge. Can you guess what "the man in the grey suit" is?

Day 6 - towing behind boat with triangle

Quiz #1: what do you think this is?

Day 6 - skeleton with triangle

This is the sound of the curlew birds at night. Very pleasant (if you like the sound of babies screaming).