Day 4 - on board the middle sized boat Glaucus

 Day 4 - swimming from Glaucus with triangle

Day 4 - adding bait to BRUVs with triangle

I did this clip by leaving my phone on the side of the road and using a time lapse function. When I finally got to the top of the hill, I looked back to where I started and a car had pulled over near my phone! Two people then got out of the car. They must have seen my phone and were stopping to grab it! So I hammered down the hill, ringing my bell and yelling out that the phone was mine. As I sped down the hill, I noticed that the two people were looking at a big stick lying on the road. I got nearer and realized that it was an enormous carpet python! The two people were actually stopping to get the snake off the road so it wouldn't get run over! I helped them for a bit until the 2 metre snake finally slithered off into the bush. It was so beautiful... Anyway the car left and I spent the next 10 minutes trying to find the spot where I left my phone!

Day 4 - road with triangle

This tree is called a 'S------y Gum'. Can you guess the first word?


Day 4 - scribbly gum 1 small

Day 4 - scribbly gum 2 small

Day 4 - scribbly gum 3 small

When we returned to base tonight, we went through the Go-pro footage from the camera traps we set. So interesting to see what is lurking around in that murky water. The (intelligent) voice you hear is Paul, a marine biologist who is explaining things about the videos.

Day 4 - BRUV footage with triangle

I love these birds. They are curlews (sometimes called Bush Thick-knees I think..). They rely on camouflage and being still, to avoid being seen. When they move they sort of 'sneak', then freeze, then sneak again. This works really well at night. But for some reason they do this during the day too. So they look a bit ridiculous, sneaking and freezing through open ground. Other fun facts about curlews- They also have knees that bend weirdly, the sit down weirdly and they have a weird cry they make at night. It sounds like a baby screaming horrifically loudly, and is lovely while drifting off to sleep at night...

Day 4 - Bush thick-knee with triangle