Day 2 - getting on the boat for the first time

 Day 2 - on North Stradbroke Island.

Day 2 - North Stradbroke Island intro with triangle

On the boat for the first time.

Day 2 - on the boat with triangle

What I Did All Day. We were zipping all over Moreton Bay in a little inflatable boat. Every couple of minutes, James (our expedition scientific leader, and seagrass officianado) would get us to leap into the water and dive down to retrieve a handful of whatever was on the sea floor. We would then analyse it and write down some data about what type it was, how much there was and where it was on a GPS. We did this 60 times today (from 830am - 4pm) and I am exhausted! While we were doing it we saw about a thousand starfish, hundreds of sea cucumbers, some scarily sharp razor-clams, dolphins and about 30 sea turtles! The sea turtles could swim as fast as our boat for short sprints! But so far- no dugongs....

Day 2 - snorkeling with triangle

We heard a seminar tonight about how sharks sense things. It was presented by a scientist who was an expert on sharks eyes, ears and other organs they have to sense things. It was fascinating! I learned that they can see (but they are colour blind), they can smell, they sense electric signals from things in the water, they can hear, we can't age them very well. I now love them!

Day 2 - presentation slide 2

Luckily, this picture was put up AFTER I had spent the entire day in the water!

Day 2 - presentation slide 1

Class Activity- these signs were in a bush trail I found on the island. Instructions: Choose your favourite one. Read it carefully. Write 3 questions for someone else to answer after THEY read the text. Make the 3 questions easy, medium and hard. Swap your questions with someone else. Challenge: if you are in 3AP, write your questions as a seesaw comment when you are at home!

Day 2 - class activity sign 1

Day 2 - class activity sign 2

Day 2 - class activity sign 3

Day 2 - class activity sign 4b