Idea of school presentation

Not so much a lesson plan but more a school presentation. It would be great for students to have an insight into this kind of experience and the impact that it has had on me.

Some ideas for a presentation:

1. An explanation of the trip.

2. Visual representations of all the activities I did - collecting samples, snorkelling, putting down videos, etc.

3. Visual representations of the data that it produces - maps and graphs, images, photos, etc.

4. An explanation of the kinds of people involved in the project - the careers, skills, etc.

5. Talk about the experience in terms of developing an understanding of myself, my interests and my limitations.

6. Present students with the opportunities to take up an Earthwatch or like experience (the skills that you would develop).

7. Talk about water usage, sustainability and responsibility

Learning Intentions:

a. Students gain an insight into a world that they may never have considered

b. Students gain an understanding of the interconnection between human activity, water and our and other species environments.

c. Students gain an insight into future career opportunities.