Blog 12 - Saying goodbye

I can't wait for my own bed but I'm going to miss my new friends, the warm weather and this amazing environment.

Today I make my way home. I've been doing lots of thinking about what I've seen and done. I've pushed myself and I've had a great time.  I'm glad that most of us will see each other again in a month's time to reflect on the journey and what we are going to do with what we have learnt.

My team, I love them dearly, I'm grateful for their support, their friendship and all the laughs.
Andy  Leanne 

 Andy was always the gentleman, helping, giving positive comments, making silly videos, singing silly songs.  He has clearly thought about what it means to have an impact on the environment. He rode his bike to the airport and the videos he made for his grade three class show them his passion (but also his humorous side).

 Leanne was a hoot. Her favorite thing to say was "I'm 52 so I can do anything I want", and she pretty much did. She gave everything a go and was so supportive to Andy and I. I bet her students are in a constant state of giggles.
The other people who I'm eternally grateful to have met and experience their breadth and depth of knowledge
DoctorJames  SkipperMark 
 Doctor James the MAD scientist. Full of information about all sorts of great things from seagrass to climate change and a real passion for the ocean. Skipper Mark. An amazing individual. 5 Sydney to Hobart sailor (came third once). A mathmatician with a passion for sailing. He taught us a few tricks of the trade.


The Earthwatch, Teachlive Leaders
Andrea1  YueChin 
 Andrea, unfortunately this is the best picture I have of Andrea, however it also reflects who she is - an women of action, of passion and dedication. She was amazing. She put herself into every situation, was an amazing leaader and sooooo supportive of me as I faced a few fears.  And of course we had a ball together. My favorite memory will be her laugh...especially when I showed her the youtube clip of the Whitney Houston Goat Rendition.  Yue Chin. What a gorgous women. She was so lovely. Unfortunately I didn't get to send as much time with her because we weren't on the same team or boat at the same time. But she is clearly an intelligent and passionate woman who can and has done some amazing things already in her life.
The 'boys' - what a lot of fun these two jokers are
Paul   Mitch1

 Paul has such an amazing depth of knowledge. You could ask him "What's that?" and he could tell you - bird, tree, seagrass, etc. But mostly I'm going to remember Paul for his patience and support. I wouldn't have been able to get onto the Mantra Tray if he hadn't have made me feel safe and also not judged.  

Mitch is one cool guy. He was lots of fun but also full of so much valuable information, especially about his approach to life and learning. He and Paul made the day on the Glaucus a lot of fun, lots of jokes and good spirited banter. 


Gemma took great care of us, ensuring we were fed and happy each breakfast and lunch. Susan, the shark expert, was a great source of information and great value to have on the trip.

Gemma   Susan

 Gemma is a teacher at John Monash Science School. We know a few people in common. Thanks for the lunchs!!! 

 Susan is an expert in sharks.  Her presentation gave me anxiety about being in the water for the rest of the trip...but I overcame it.