Blog 11 - Last day, facing my fears

Today was a real day of personal growth. 

I've learnt over the years that I have a tendency to back out of opportunities presented to me and as soon as the opportunity passes I immediately regret it. Fears and anxieties have often gotten in the way. Today the fears were high. The tension and anxiety was clearly visable. Paul, the skipper of Glaucus, asked me if I was seasick. I said no. But I was sick! I was sick with anxiety. I knew I needed to have a go but I just couldn't find the strength. I spent the morning watching the two leaders, Paul and Andrea, go down and up on the MantaTray, a device that drags you along the back of the boat and when you are ready to tilt it so that it drags you below the water to the seabed. 

I still hadn't dived very deep and where I had dived was always close to the edge an island or the mainland, but this time it was out in the middle of the bay, you couldn't really see the bottom of the seabed and we had been talking about sharks since Andy said he saw one as we were going along.  But after lunch and watching Andrea go down and up again and again and again, and knowing the regret I would feel I finally said to Paul "Can you drag me in water between 1-2metres?" and of course he said yes. So in I went. IT WAS AWESOME.  I wasn't very good at it and only managed to go down 10 times. It was hard to come back up and then breathe as I wanted to breathe before I got to the surface, not because I can't hold my breathe but because I was panicked about getting back to the surface and I just can't use snorkels that well. I'm glad I did it.

The whole group today had such a lot of fun as well. Here are a few highlights.

AndreaAction2   AndyAction2  DryGlaucus SkipperPaul 
 Team leader Andrea collecting sea grass.  Andy recording data.  The Glausuc before going out in the morning.  Skipper, Paul, steering.


It wasn't all serious work there were also some fun and games.

FreddoBar  ToiletBreakAndy  ToiletBreakPaul  KickingPaulOut 
 Andrea was desparate for a chocolate coated muesli bar but the best she could do was stick a few melted freddo frogs onto a plain muesli bar.  Andy on a 'snorkel break' (that's code for going to the toilet).  Paul, also on a 'snorkel break'. You still have to 'flush' in a wetsuit.  Kicking Paul out of the boat. Nah...we wouldn't be so mean, he was the best skipper.


But then there was some more work to be done and lots of cool critters to see.

HighTechEngineering  SoldierCrab  Birdsnest  Jelly 
 High Tech manufacturing of the mantatray.  A soldier crab.  A bird's nest on a marker.  Jellys.