Blog 10 - Blogging some other thoughts and images

This is a part of the port at Dunwich, a small town on Stradbroke Island where the Research Centre is located. On the wall of a part of the port you can see a big aboriginal flag painted on the wall.  We were privileged with a Welcome to Country by Auntie Joan, an elder from the Quandamooka people, to Minjerribah (the aboriginal name for Stradbroke Island).  I have only learnt a little about the aboriginal people of this island and area, some of it horrific (their treatment on the leprosy colony) and some of it inspiring (the fight for traditional custodian/ownership rights).  I would like to ensure that any work I do around this topic in the future embeds an indigenous perspective.  

Minjerribah             DunwichAboriginalFlag

Our lunch spot today was a lovely bay off a nearby island. Most of the islands here are surrounded by mangroves and having walked through the stinky and sinky mud of the mangroves I'm not sure why anyone would put a house on the edge of them. 

Mangroves I've discovered are a vitual carbon fixer, that means they can hold lots of carbon from the atmosphere so are an important element in fighting climate change.  I was horried to hear that at some point in the history of Brisbane, in the 1980s, there were plans to completely rid the islands and the coastal areas of all mangroves. Now that I've seen them, experienced there many curious elements and the life that lives amongst them I'm glad that the government didn't get rid of them.


This is my a sunset panorama just before dinner. I've had some very cool conversations over dinner this week and I hope to maintain the friendships I've developed.