Blog 6 - A different day

Day Two of field work was a day out of the water, staying dry and filming samples on the sea bed.  Besides feeling sick today in the rough water it was a great day.




 Team Tender - Team Leader Andrea, Teacher Sophie and guest Jill.  A sea cucumber in the screen of the camera on the seabed  Boating Team going out to place cameras - they saw a herd of dugongs.


Each team rotates between the three boats giving us all a different experience and also a rest!!

LightWater1    Onbigboat   BrisbaneView 
 Lovely light on the water  Hanging out on the big boat  View of Brisbane from the middle of Morton Bay



Selfie1      SettingUpCamera
 Enjoying the sun, the wind and the scenery  Andy fixing the camera to the sled to view the sea bed

Breakfast view.


Lunch view