Blog 5 - War wounds, exhaustion and lots of new things

Today was the first day of field work. I spent the day on the 'Tender' a small dinghy collecting samples of sea grass and catching glimps of shy turtles. We learnt about the different varieties of seagrass.  The war wounds came from jumping in and out of the dinghy after collecting samples.  We were using a GPS to track our location and recording the status of the seagrass, how much and what varieties.  We had a great lunch on the big boat and spent the afternoon again in the dinghy. The evening finished with a talk by an expert on sharks and I slept REALLY well.



 Bruise under my arm from jumping in and out of the dinghy  Cut on my leg from sharp edges on the boat  Sunburnt knees. I put sunscreen on everything else but not my knees ;(


Some other cool things from the day.

The Lunch Spot.


Curlews - their legs bend backwards.


 *Note - this was written on day two of field work as day one was exhausting.