Blog 2 - the count down begins

So I'm starting to get nervous as I pack my bag and tick off all the things I still need to do. Yesterday as I was trying on wetsuits (an adventure in itself - those things are tight and hot and I was sweating just getting it on) I was talking to the sales assistant telling him what I was about to do and where I was going and why I needed a wetsuit...he said...its not the stingers you need to be worried about...its the sharks! Yikes!! My heart jumped out of my chest.


My underwater themed colouring book

I am nervous. Nervous about being with a group of complete strangers. Nervous that I won't understand all the new things I'm going to learn. And even though I've done a fair bit of travel on my own I'm nervous about being in a different context...even if it is still Australia. But I think these are good nerves and as I read through the list of things to bring it said to pack books, games and art supplies so I'm going to pack the colouring book I got last year. It is kinda appropriate as it is an underwater themed book.