Blog 1 - Hopes and expectations (one week to go)

So in 10 days time I will be on my journey to Stradbroke Island to explore sea grass. What have I got myself into? Things are crazy at school at this time of year but this is an opportunity I can't miss.  I know... sea grass right. What could be cool about sea grass?  So much. I'm really excited about this opportunity because I really believe in the notion and practice of citizen science and applying a scientific method to our thinking in all areas of learning.  While I feel I have a strong understanding of the scientific method and practices I really want to improve my abilities to embed it into my teaching in other areas.

I'm a philosophy teacher to thinking and thinking clearly, critically and creatively are important to me, but I'm hoping that this experience will also help me impart caring thinking, caring for the environment, for all species (including sea grass), to ensure that students care about our future. I want students to become scientific thinkers when it comes to their daily lives, to their consumption, to their relationships, to their interactions. For me this doesn't mean that they become robots, but that they seek for facts supported by strong evidence by which they will make decisions.  Science and a scientific method of thinking does and should play a role in our caring and ethical thinking. I'm hoping that while I'm snorkling in the sea grass that I'll have time to think and reflect upon how I can achieve these in my teacher.