Heading Home

Today was our last day! I can't believe that this adventure is over.

Today we woke up early and packed all our things back into our suitcases. I had to have lots of garbage bags to put my wetsuit and snorkel gear into so that the rest of my bag didn't get too wet. We had breakfast and planned out our last day on North Stradbroke Island. We wanted to see the rest of the island and so we jumped on a bus to Point Lookout, which is North from where we were staying in Dunwich. The bus took about 25 minutes and we saw amazing scenery on the way. Point Lookout has lots of hotels and restaurants, but we wanted to see the beaches! We did a hike around a gorge which cuts through from the beach. It's Spring and there were so many amazing wildflowers in full bloom, beautiful!

20151030 090858 20151030 092632 20151030 092903 20151030 094834
The view from Point Lookout. A native wildflower called a Fringe Lily. The gorge. Captain Cook named Point Lookout!


After we finished our hike we went to the opening and blessing ceremony for a new water treatment plant on North Stradbroke Island. We met the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Redland Council (the council on the island). A few Quandamooka people were there to perform a smoking ceremony, which blessed the building site and the workers. They also performed 6 traditional dances and welcomed us to country. It was incredible to watch. I really love the relationship that the Quandamooka people have with the people that live on North Stradbroke Island.

20151030 101722
Quandamooka people performing a dance.


After the ceremony we had lunch and then sadly had to make our way back to the ferry terminal. After a 20 minute ferry we were back in Brisbane! A photographer from the local newspaper was there to take photos of us as we arrived - I felt very special! Before we knew it it was time to head back to the airport and say our goodbyes. I know that I will be seeing many of the teachers again soon!

I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to go on this adventure. Nothing in life should hold you back from making your dreams come true!

See you all Monday!