Miss Ferroni emailed me some more of your questions. Some of them I have answered already in the last few days so I've written answers to new questions. Thanks for all the questions guys!!


Chris - What does it feel like to be on a boat?
Hi Chris! Being on a boat is really fun, well I think so anyway! It is a little bit wobbly because the boat moves with the waves. Sometimes if there are big waves the boat moves a lot! Some people get really seasick from the movement of boats, it's a bit like people who get carsick.

Lucy - How long do Dugongs stay up to take a breath?
Hi Lucy - that's a great question! Dugongs are very shy animals and prefer to stay well underwater, away from any humans. They come up to breath quickly and normally stay up for 5 seconds or so before going back underwater.The Dugong can hold its breath for over 15 minutes when they go underwater!

Zali - What's the weirdest animal you've seen?
Hi Zali! I saw some very strange animals when I was on Skype today. They all seemed to be wearing blue and were waving a lot!
Apart from those strange blue creatures I saw a really cool fish called a leatherjacket. You should Google it. They have a small spine on top of their head and they use it to wedge themselves in between rocks to keep themselves safe.

Charlize, Stella, Charlotte, Sam - Which animal has been your favourite so far?
Hi girls! My favourite animal so far was definitely the Whaler Shark that we captured on the Go-Pro footage yesterday. I think it proves that sharks really aren't that dangerous to humans as we have been in the water with them all week and have had no issues!

Kaitlin - How long can sea turtles stay underwater before coming up to breathe?
Hi Kaitlin! Sea turtles are absolutely amazing reptiles. They can actually hold their breath for up to 7 hours if they are resting or sleeping underwater! I think it's a really good way to hide from predators!

Chloe and Sam - How has your trip been so far? Would you go back and do it all over again?
Hi Girls! This trip has been a very incredible experience. I feel very lucky to have been chosen to come to such an amazing place and take part in research that is really making a difference to the animals that live here. This is real science! I wouldn't think twice about coming back to do it again and I will definitely be back to North Stradbroke Island very soon!

Ebony - Why is the water so bad?
Hi Ebony! The water in Moreton Bay is very special. Moreton Bay is an estuarine bay which means that it is where fresh water and salt water mix. If you look it up on Google Maps you can see that there are a few rivers that empty into the bay. This means that in places the sand on the sea bed gets mixed up with the different types of waters mixing. In other places the waters are very clear. The visibility depends a lot on the weather too - if it's windy or has been raining heavily this can make the visibility very low.

Ebony - How did it feel the first time you jumped off the boat into the water? Have you been out on the water every day now?
Hi Ebony! I was a little bit nervous as I knew the visibility would be low but I knew that at least the water was lovely and warm! We arrived on Saturday and Sunday was our first day on the boats. We rotate around the 3 boats and although we are all always out on the water we are not always in the water.