Life Onboard

Today I was onboard the Velella doing seagrass surveys. We were onboard by 6:30am and set sail for the southern part of Moreton Bay.

Last night we had some severe wind and storms so we knew that the visibility in the water would be very low today. We reached our first survey site at around 8am and put the sled into the water. We couldn't see a thing! We tried a few more sites but the visbility was so bad that we couldn't see a single thing on the cameras! The rain hung around for most of today so we didn't really get much surveying done.

20151028 155622
The rain was so heavy we could barely see land!

I spent some time looking aroung the Velella today and I've realised just how amazing life onboard a boat is. Although Velella is a 12m catamaran, which is quite large, there still isn't that much room to move around inside. The designers of boats like this make use of every possible piece of space so that there is plenty of storage room. Velella has all the latest equipment and there are sensors on the bottom of the boat which tell us the depth to the nearest 10cm, as well as the strength of any currents in the water. There is a lifeboat and lots of other safety equipment onboard also. I took some photos around the boat so that you could get an idea about what life onboard is like! The owners of this boat have sailed it the whole way around Australia before, and so it has spent many weeks at sea without seeing land.

20151028 151529 1 20151028 151023 20151028 151302 20151028 151328
There is hot water shower for
when you get out of the water.
The Velella has a kitchen. This is the map we use to
navigate around the park.
Even under the sofa there
is lots of storage!


20151028 151012 20151028 151123 20151028 151101 20151028 151310
Inside the boat there is a radio and the controls
for electronics on the boat.
The steering wheel is huge! The screen above the chair is the GPS system. The large white numbers are the depth. There are 4 cabins onboard the Velella. We haven't slept onboard though. This is the dinner table and sofa!