Your Questions

Hi guys,

Miss Ferroni emailed me some of the questions you were asking today. They were really interesting, however a few were the same and so we have picked some that cover all of the topics you were interested in!

Lots of you were asking about how I am and if I was missing all my pets! I am really well. Having an amazing time and learning lots about how scientific research is conducted in the field. The other teachers I am here with are all really nice and have lots of knowledge about marine science too. I am missing all my pets but I know that they are being well looked after and that I will see them on Friday evening.

Onto your specific questions:

Kellee - Have you seen any sea turtles when you were snorkelling?

Hi Kellee! Yes we saw a Green Sea Turtle today just as one of the other teachers was jumping into the water today. It was about 20m away from the boat and seemed to be lazing around on the surface. Suddenly it realised we were so close and it dived under the water. We did see a Loggerhead Turtle too but unfortunately it was dead and floating on the surface. It was really sad to see such a beautiful animal like that, but it's part of how things work out here. Hoping to see more turtles tomorrow!

Arwa - Have you ever seen a real Dugong before this trip?

Hi Arwa! I have seen Dugongs and Manatees before but only ever in zoos. It is very different viewing them in the wild as the water here is quite murky at the moment and the best place to see them from is the boat. They make a loud noise as they surface to breathe so this is the best way to spot them. As of this evening I have seen 4 dugongs!

Kate - Have you seen marine animals? Which ones?

Hi Kate - As I mentioned above I've seen Dugongs and sea turtles but we also came across a large pod of dolphins yesterday. Tonight we viewed some of the footage that we have captured on underwater cameras that we left filming for an hour today and we saw heaps of interesting things! One of the clips showed a Shovel Nose Ray. Another showed two crabs fighting over some food!