Getting Ready!

I can't believe there are only 3 sleeps until I get on the plane to Brisbane!

I've spent the last week slowly getting my equipment ready to take on the TeachLive Expedition. I'm lucky that I have a big bag that I use when I go SCUBA Diving, so I've decided to take that one as I have A LOT of things to take!

There is currently a large pile of clothes and equipment on the floor of my living room, and it's getting bigger by the day!

I wonder if my bag will be big enough?

I wonder if my bag will be big enough?

I already had most of the things that I needed, but I went to Anaconda over the weekend and purchased a water proof bag and a water proof jacket. My next job is to finish packing my clothes, and then I need to get both of my underwater cameras ready so that I can take lots of photos and videos to show you!

Miss McKinley