Glaucus glaucus the seagrass vessel

What another exciting day on Glaucus with Dr Paul Maxwell.  We had a great day sampling, we were in clear water and we were on some great seagrass beds. I was so so so excited. Our first sight was full of different seagrass Zostera (eel grass), Halophila spinulosa and ovalis (dugong grass) and Cymodocea.  I have seen so many different seagrass types.

Today we sampled by jumping in off the Glaucus boat and snorkelling to a spot and putting down a BRUV brick and a bait bag. We we able to see clearly where we were going. We snorkelled over the seagrass beds and looked at the different creatures that were on the meadow. I saw orange spotted seastars, sea cucumbers of all different colours and sizes, purple sponges, sea anenomes and I was left thinking that was amazing.... but after we leave something else happens to the seagrass meadow... a whole other different group of creatures move in, fish, crabs, sharks... sea turtles

We picked up some great footage from the cameras today and were able to look at the footage quickly this afternoon, we saw Shovel-nosed sharks, turtles, fish, sea stars and crabs feeding on the stations. Its so exciting to see what great creatures inhabit seagrass meadows. The one thing that I have learnt is that as a snorkeller there are so many species that you do not see because you cause an impact on the types of fish that are around when you are in the water. The Baited, Remote Underwater Video (BRUV) systems allows a look at the diversity of the seagrassecosytem.

IMG_1962.jpg   IMG_2009.jpg

We also mapped the sea grass meadow using the amazing method of stop, jump and look... sometimes we would just hang over the edge of the boat and look with our mask and snorkel on... and sometimes the people on the boat would get a little distracted and you would end up in the water anyway! with you going over board...

After these adventures I and have a new love for finding seagrass meadows Zostera, and cannot wait to set up and get some BRUV's  in the water. It is going to be great. I am so excited to share this exciting sampling technique with everyone.

Thanks Dr Paul, for an exciting seagrass adventure.

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