Glaucus boat research

Hello everyone,

Today I was on the research boat Glaucus. We put out the BRUV (bait recorded undwater video) sampling sites. The BRUV is a way to see the underwater marine life on a seagrass bed.

The GoPRO captures the species that visit the bait during an hour. It is amazing to watch after the snorkellers have gone away. Today we found heaps of mudcrabs visiting our sites.

There was a thunderstorm that had lightning.  We were putting the BRUV bait stations in and we heard thunder and watched rain fall. DR Paul took the boat into a cool mangrove forest. Dr Paul talked about the difference between the mangrove species. He got me to lick the leaves of two mangrove leaves. One of the mangrove tree has exposed roots and releases the salts via the roots. The other species did not have exposed roots and the salts are released out of the leaves.  It was really beautiful in the mangrove and the trees were very old and also had hollows.

We finished the day with a snorkel at a coral reef. We saw 7 wobblegong sharks, a lion fish, feather stars, purple sponges, sea cucumbers and long armed purple sea anenomes.