Dugongs, dolphins and seagrass

Today is the first day of teachlive at Moreton Bay in Queensland. Our day has been filled with seagrass, dugong sightings, seagrass monitoring and even a dugong poo.  We went out on the Velella sailing boat and 2 other small research boats.

 We did our research from the back of the boat. Bruce and Megan are looking at the camera footage taken on the screen.


Our task was to investigate the sea grass below. We used a seagrass sled that had 2 camera's attached.The photograph above shows the cameras. One camera was a live feed camera that showed us what was on the bottom of the sea as we are travelling along (this camera has the blue face).  The other camera was a recording camera to take footage of the sea floor for us to look at when we return (this camera this a square black camera). 


We were looking at were seagrass was found and the different types of seagrass that was found on the seafloor. We had to estimate the amount of seagrass and identify the different types of seagrass that we saw growing. The picture above shows the different types of seagrass that is found in Moreton Bay.


One of the research groups was able to find and catch a dugong poo.  This is important to collect information about the Dugongs, what types of seagrass they are eating. Today we also  saw 2 dugongs and dolphins.