Human activities destroying Moreton Bay?

Lesson 2

In this activity students will be split into groups of 4-5 students, with each group allocated a different resource looking at an issue that is affecting Moreton Bay.

The following links to news articles can be used to provide students with information on the issue: 

Further information on the impacts of human activities on Moreton Bay can be found here.

Outline of task

  1. Individually students draw up the following table: 


Short and long term impacts

Management of the issue – what could be done?

Wildlife deaths


Seagrass meadows


Algal blooms




Coral reefs



In groups, students read through the article allocated to them. Groups are encouraged to do further research in order to get a better understanding of the issue. After discussion, students individually fill in the appropriate section of the table.

Students are then ‘jigsawed’ in order to create new groups (one member from each ‘issue’ in every group). The ‘experts’ in each group share their knowledge with their new group, filling in the table where necessary.

Class discussion questions

  • Which of the ‘issues’ are having the greatest impact on Moreton Bay? Why?
  • What can/should groups and individuals do about it?
  • Hypothetical – seagrass meadows disappear from Moreton Bay. What happens next?