Year 7 Maths/Science Lesson 1

Year 7 Maths/Science Lesson 1

Climate Graphs - Continuing on from our unit on number planes, students will be creating a climate graph. 

Climate graphs are graphs which show the average monthly temperature and precipitation of an area. Climate differs from weather as weather refers to daily conditions, while climate is the average weather in the region over many years. 

The following two worksheets provide activities for students to graph the climate of a location. Have them use the BOM link for climate information at Moreton Bay. 

Climate graph worksheets:

NOTE  - Also saved in resources and in the learning task for this class

Moreton Bay climate data: 

Once completed, the students analyse the graph and provide a written description. 

Extension: Compare the climate graph of Moreton Bay with our local climate. 

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES:‐units/years‐7‐8/inquiry‐and‐skills/years‐7‐8/y78‐is‐illus1.html