Year 9 Science Lesson 1 - Friday 21/10/2016



Where is Moreton Bay? 

What does Moreton Bay look like? 

What is a catchment? 

What is the Moreton Bay region used for? 


The aim of these activities is for students to be able to locate Moreton Bay and use geographical terms to describe its location. Students should be able to create a map of the region showing key features and places. They should be able to apply BOLTSS (Border, Orientation, Legend, Title, Scale, Source) to the map and create an overlay map. Students should be able to create a climate graph and use geographical terms to describe Moreton Bay’s climate.


1.Have students use Google Earth to locate Moreton Bay. Allow them time to explore the area, look at photographs and map features. Encourage them to zoom out and explore the hinterland too. Questions for class discussion: 

> Do the images meet their expectations?

> What different activities do they think will occur in the Moreton Bay region and surrounds?

2.Discuss (using geographical terms) Moreton Bay’s location (e.g. Moreton Bay is located on the east coast of Australia, approximately 15 km east of Brisbane in the state of Queensland. It is located at approximately 27oS 153oE.). 

Note: The first is relative location; the second is its absolute location.

3.Provide students with the outline map of Southeast Queensland and worksheet. Have students create an overlay map of land use in the catchment area using the link below (click on the image to enlarge):

How to construct an overlay map: 

a.Provide students with a sheet of A4 tracing paper. Have them trace the outline of the map of Qld – coast and key islands etc.

b.Have them use the link above to access the different types of land use in the region. They should create a key (or copy the colours from the map) and shade the ways in which land is used in the region (you could modify it by allowing students to choose they three largest, or the three most important).

c.They should ensure their map satisfies BOLTSS.


Students are to answer the following questions:

  1. Describe Moreton Bay's relative location. What is North Stradbroke Island’s absolute location.
  2. What are the major rivers that feed into Moreton Bay?
  3. What are the major land-uses of the Brisbane River Catchment?
  4. Suggest the likely impacts of these land-uses.