Huge Day in the field!

Well we had a massive day in the field today!

We started the day at 6:30 on the big boat, Velella. We motored out to our start point which was near Horseshoe Bay.

Our team was working with Dr James Udy, who is a seagrass expert. We spent the day free diving down to collect seagrass samples. This data is used to map where the various seagrass species exist, what depths they live in and the types of sediment that they can tolerate.

We found some really cool sites. Diving down to a seagrass meadow that is 5 to 6 metres deep is a pretty amazing experience. There really is a whole other world that thrives below the waves. I must admit I got a little freaked out when diving down to a fairly dark and murky 5m I almost collided with a big stingray! We also saw some more turtles and a lot of fish and various shellfish.

I’ve attached a little clip of James explaining an interesting algae that we found invading the seagrass meadows. Caulerpa

I hope you are enjoying your week!


Mr O