Feeling Blessed

Today was just amazing! The "A Team" as we referred to ourselves were working on the boat Gluacus, which is basically an oversized inflatable boat with a solid hull and ridiculously excessive outboard engines. Our task today was to set and collect Baited Remote Underwater Videos or BRUV's. We set 16 of these in total with an hour's footage recorded on each of the GoPro's.

While we waited for these camera's to record all the critters that came to investigate the bait, we did some more habitat mapping, but this time we dived down to collect the seagrass, sediment, and algae samples.

It was was a HUGE day. I spent about 9 hours in the water, plus 2 hours in the boat and then there is another 3-4 hours going through the footage yet to come.

Despite the long hours, this day was truly AWESOME! After dropping the first 8 BRUV's we were driving slowly through one of the marine protected areas when we came across a whole herd of Dugongs feeding. They are such strange elusive creature. They are also immensely fat! It was such a special time being surrounded by these awesome animals, occasionally they would pop their incredibly bizarre noses out of the water and check us out. I tried to get some photos but they do not do these guys justice at all!

If this wasn't enough I also saw the HUGEST loggerhead turtle, some super fast eagle rays and more docile blue spotted rays, a shovel nosed shark, stack of fish, sea cucumbers, huge sea stars in amongst some lush seagrass meadows and temperate coral reefs. I've attached a few photos for you.

I hope you had a wonderful day too!

Mr O



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