What a Mission!

What a Mission!!!

Wow almost there! I got up this morning at 4:45 to leave the house at 5:00! After stumbling out of the house trying not to wake my parents up, my trusty Subaru decided that no respectable car would be starting so early in the morning!!! Unfortunately its all quite flat around Dad’s house in Kew and the street is very narrow… So there I am just after 5:00am pushing the Subbie through a 5 point turn and along the street until I find some sort of a hill that I can roll start down! 

After a lot of silent groans and prayers, Subbie sprang to life rolling down the hill and I was on my way!

Finding a park at the airport was also a challenge as I was keen to park somewhere near the top of any rise I could just incase Subbie had similar misgivings about starting at 11:45pm when I arrived back in Melbourne next week!

Anyway once in the airport everything ran smoothly. My plane took off at 7:40am and after almost 2 hours flying it landed at 8:35??? What! QLD doesn’t do daylight saving, which means in QLD time I actually got up at 3:45!!!!! Wow its going to be a BIG day!

Brisbane airport is so wonderfully simple and functional, after picking up my bags I literally walked straight out the exit and 100m later I was on my first of two trains. Brisbane itself seems so much more relaxed than Melbourne. The trains and their stations were clean and quiet, there was even free wifi in the trains! Bonus! 

A little after 10:30 (11:30 Victoria time) I stepped off the train at Cleveland! I had made it, or so I thought. After wandering around the station and along the wharf, I found out that my Ferry actually left from a different wharf that was about 3km away! Luckily I had time, so I decided to walk and take in the scenery and the blissful warm weather. 

Its 12:30 as I write this. I’ve found a nice cafe that looks out over the wharf and they sell fruit salads for only $3! YES!

Anyway I’ve got 2 and 1/2 hours to wait for my Ferry and the rest of the team of teachers and researchers that I’ll be working with this week. 

A couple of Ferry loads of cars have come and gone since I’ve been here. The people coming and going are a real mixed bunch. They are probably half families who have come over to the mainland to do their shopping and are heading back to their homes on North Stradbroke. The other half is made up various tradies and service providers and tourists, most of which have a few surfboards on their roofs (North Stradbroke is famous for its world class surf).

I’ll write you another post tonight once I’ve arrived at the research station. Right now I think I’m going to try have a nap before the my Ferry arrives.

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