Melbourne Aquarium Activity

Melbourne Aquarium is a great location for a field trip! They offer specific programs for different year levels (which have been great!) or you can plan your own day with your own activities. I have developed an activity that guides the students around the Aquarium (at their own pace), looking at all the different species in terms of eating habits, colouration and body shape. Their task is to select a fish that fits into each category and record its common and scientific name. The element of a conscience choice is the aspect that the students enjoy. I have previously used this activity with Year 10 students, but it could be used (or altered) for use with other year levels.

This activity could also be used in a variety of locations:

  • -       Other Aquariums
  • -       At a zoo (changing the organisms you want the students looking for)
  • -       In class, whilst watching a documentary

Access the resource here: Melbourne Aquarium Activity PDF