Our last day

I was allocated to Velella today. It was our last day of collecting data for Healthy Waterways in Moreton Bay.

We motored to the southern parts of the bay to determine the types, distribution and percentage cover of seagrass. We endeavored to use the sled again, but the visibility hadn’t improved since the bad weather a few days ago, so we ended up having Lanie and Peter jumping over the back of the boat to dive to the bottom to collect the necessary data. We were quite unsuccessful in finding seagrass in many locations, and we think that was because we were very close to one of the many channels in the bay.


I have had an absolutely amazing week, and spent some time with some great people, who I hope will become great friends in the future.

The Earthwatch participants:

Tracey: I met you one long week ago wearing orange in the airport! We felt like we were on the Amazing Race together. I have learnt that you are so kind! Everyone appreciates that you made coffee for them in the morning to help them wake up. I have enjoyed listening to your students questions throughout the week! #earlyriser

Micah: I was looking out for a person with a rather large beard at the airport. Luckily I found you and we somehow found our way out to the Cleveland ferry terminal, through using geographic skills! I have enjoyed following you on Instagram and seeing all the crazy things you have got up to! I look forward to working with you in the future! #snorkelingdugong

Lanie: We are so similar! By sheer chance we became roomies that enjoy early bed times and are ‘somewhat’ grumpy in the mornings! I have really enjoyed getting to know you and your work. You are a superstar in everything you do! I hope to keep in contact and show you my school! #bestroomieever

Peter: For a while there, we thought that you had decided not to join us on our exciting adventure. But as soon as you arrived we connected by realizing that we went to the same school and had some of the same teachers! You are hilarious! I really enjoyed trialing your GPS on the boat today! I look forward to working with you in the future! #peteforpresident

Garratt: I loved hearing all your stories from the Aquarium, your school and your fabulous trips! You are a great team member who is up for any challenge! You should be proud that you smashed the Tender record today! I have enjoyed seeing you put so much effort into putting your videos together for you students. They are very lucky to have you as a teacher! #famousoneday

Megan: You are so knowledgeable! I have enjoyed your hourly weather assessments, as you have had us prepared for every possible situation! Thanks for being my assistant boat driver and taking sneaky pictures of us on Velella! #aspiringmeteorologist

Bruce: I am so glad that you snorkeled today! Thanks for having me along on your expedition. I have really enjoyed getting to know you and your stories! I hope that we have started something special and the Sailing for Seagrass/Healthy Waterways and Earthwatch/Teachlive program continues well into the future! Thanks for everything! #brucetheboss

The Healthy Waterways crew:

James/Nicola: Thank you for having us on your boat Velella! It is a beautiful boat doing great things for the environment here in Moreton Bay! You are both so knowledgeable and I loved learning from both of you throughout the week! I look forward to hearing all about your future adventures! #mrandmrsseagrass

Paul: I love that you trusted me with Glaucus! At first we were unsure if the facts you were telling us were true or not! I am still slightly unsure to be truthful! Thanks for your chats on the radio – I will miss them (Glaukie talkie)! Thanks for taking us to some of the most beautiful areas of the bay and allowing us to see some amazing wildlife! #thefunnyone

Dave: I think that you belong in the water – it was so hard to keep you out of it! Thanks for sharing all your stories between site changes and helping me find the best locations for our bruvs. I will always remember your star wars introductions for each rep! You and Paul make a great team! #yellowfinneddugong

Mark: Thanks for giving me a go on the boat. I really enjoyed chatting to you and getting to know you. I loved the guided tours of the area – historical, real estate and nautical among many others! Thanks for letting me drive the boat and help with the ropes all the time. I will be sure to practice the knots so I get them all right next time! #theskipper

Mitch: If I though Lanie and I were cranky in the morning, I was wrong! Thanks for sharing your knowledge of data and how to use programs to analyse and present it. I will definitely be able to utilize this technology with my students into the future. Good luck with taking over the world (starting with Healthy Waterways) with your data! You have the best one liners – EVER! #thedataking

Thank you everyone! I hope we all keep in touch into the future J