"Glaucie Talkie"

Again today started early as there was bad weather threatening in the afternoon. It was my second day on Glaucus setting bruvs in different locations around Moreton Bay. Our first two locations were around Peel Island and in between waiting for the samples to be ready, we had a snorkel around a beautiful coral reef, had a quick explore on the island and completed some GPS mapping of seagrass abundance and distribution. It was a great start to the day!


Day 3 - Glaucus Day 3 - Jemma swimming Day 3 - BRUVs


It was a bit of a drive to the next set of locations. These were set more towards the centre of Moreton Bay, so were a bit deeper. Whilst we were waiting for these to be ready, we saw some turtles swimming close to the boat. We were very efficient at the samples for this morning that we had some spare time and as the weather was the best it had been all week we decided to maximize our time in the bay.

We took the long way around back to port and stumbled across (well our skipper knew exactly where he was going) a herd of dugongs! There were some large bulls and some calves swimming around the boat. They were protected from the current by several sand bars. It was magical experience, however, I’m not sure if any of us were able to get any photos or videos of them as they would bob up every which way every few seconds! After that we decided to try to head out towards the mouth of the bay to spot some whales. On the way we spotted more turtles, dolphins and a large flock of cormorants some of which were fighting whilst others were diving for food!

We didn’t get to see any whales, but it was great to explore new areas of the bay. Whilst we were waiting for another bruv that we decided to place in a coral reef, we were able to get off the boat on a sand bar covered in seagrass, crabs and huge sea cucumbers!  After that we headed to another amazing coral reef site where we were able to snorkel. I was sitting on the boat when an eel ray jumped out of the water and flipped over and over in the air. I was the only one to it, and I was so glad I was as I’m not sure when I’ll never get that chance again!

Before coming to the Moreton Bay region, I had no idea about how diverse the marine environment was. It is truly spectacular in this part of world! 

Thanks to Paul, Dave, Lanie and Megan for another great day out :)