I have been up for hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were due to be on the boat by 6:30am! It sounded crazy, but it was beautiful that early in the morning – very still and flat water. We saw a pod of dolphins on our way to the first sampling site. Today I spent the day on Velella. This is a double hull yacht, which later in the day, I got to sail home!

We were using a homemade sled to record the type of seagrass and percentage cover. We would lower the sled for 3 minutes and live record (with another go pro) the sample (rep). Each rep was taken approximately 500 meters apart in a straight line on the Waterloo side of the bay. We were aiming to take 50 samples, but only got 26 done, after bad weather came in and we had to head home.

I have never sailed before, and when offered to give it a go, I jumped at the chance! I helped to put out the mainsail as well as the headsail with lots and winding of ropes. It was great afternoon sailing and learning about some of the interesting history of Brisbane and its offshore islands.

IMG 3119  IMG 1105  IMG 1137 


Thanks to Mark, Bruce and Garratt for another great day out! :)