The day started really early with an 8am flight to Brisbane. Once arriving in Brisbane Airport, I had to find other Earthwatch participants. I had never met them, but I was looking for a person wearing an orange top and another with a large beard.

Once we met up with each other we joked about it feeling like we were on the Amazing Race! In the taxi to our meeting location we felt like we were meeting someone who would give us an envelope to direct us next destination. That didn’t happen, instead we met the rest of our group (who were all really nice). We caught the Stradbroke Water Taxi over to North Stradbroke Island, where we are staying at the University of Queensland research station.

The view from our house is amazing! I am sitting here writing this whilst looking out over the bay. It’s so flat and calm. We have meet our hosts (Scientists who are experts in their respective fields). They have given us an overview to the history of Stradbroke Island, the zoning of Morton Bay and the aims of our research. It was fascinating to hear about the rich history which included the island being used as a place for people to live (and die) after the war. There are over 9500 graves on the island for a population of only around 2600 (and falling)!

The program that we will be a part of is called “Sailing of Seagrass”. Instead of monitoring a decline in the health of the waterway, they are working to improve the situation. We (as a part of a larger study) will be studying seagrass and using this information to create interactive maps as well as contribute to the annual report card produced by the non-governmental agency “Healthy Waterways”.

IMG 3101


IMG 3112 

 IMG 3114


I am excited to see what is in store for the next week! Stay tuned J