Final Two Days

On our final day of fieldwork we went seagrass mapping. I spent the first half of the day on Velalla, but the water was so murky that we couldn’t use the sled, instead we has to dive down to collect samples, it was a little easier doing this on Velalla rather than the Tender, as Mark could tell me the depth as I jumped off, so at least I had some idea of how long I was going to be under for.

I found out that my estimates of depth were about right, and that when we got to about 4.5m we were in total darkness. I spent the afternoon with Garrett, he and Micha worked together on the morning session and were on track to complete 100 sites in the day, a challenge we had set ourselves, I’m please to say the afternoon went very well and we ended up completing 104 sites. The only person that wasn’t happy for us was Mitch, as he had to input all of the data into the spreadsheet!

On the final day before we set sail to the mainland we walked along the northern coast of the island, it was great to see the beaches in this area and the gorge walk was spectacular. It was interesting to hear from James about how the islands formed and discuss the volcanic action, which must have taken place as the evidence was all around us, including a beach littered with pumice stones. We also attended an opening of the upgraded water treatment plant and were privileged to receive a Welcome to Country and observe dances from the traditional owners. However I think Micha’s highlight was the free scones and damper.

I have had a fantastic experience and wish to thank all of the other members of the group, we made a great team! I also want to thank all members of Healthy Waterways for allowing us to work with them; it has been an invaluable experience and I can’t wait to get back to school and share what I have learnt with both staff and students.

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