Blog4: Seagrass Mapping

On The Velalla (The Mothership).

Today we went on the large boat and recorded for seagrass. The boat’s captain, Mark, drives around to different locations within the bay finding locations to test. The test sites are at a range of depth and cover all zones of the park and bay.

 Velalla has a sled, which is lowered down to the sea floor. On the sled is a camera which provides a live feed to the boat and a Go Pro camera which record all of the vision for later referral. Each site is numbered and the following is recorded: latitude, longitude, depth, site number and the type of sea grass and coverage, similar to the sea grass mapping the other day.

It was great to do and the waiting in anticipation to see if there was seagrass or not was actually very exciting. When we found a site with seagrass everyone would crowed around the screen to see what type it was. All of the group is getting better at identifying the type of species and even predicting what we will find before the sled is lowered based on the water depth and location.

The highlight of the day was seeing a Dugong come to the surface for a short time, to view the track we took, some photos of the equipment and seagrass and some videos click on the following link.

(PA300436 copy  PA300440 copy  PA300444 copy

 Watching the live camera feed  Pulling in the sled  Spiny Dugong Grass (Halophila Spinulosa)