Blog3: BRUV

Today we went out on Glaucus, similar boat to yesterday, and worked with Paul and Dave from Healthy Waterways. The goal of the day was to set up BRUV (Baited Underwater Remote Video) and see the species diversity in different areas of the bay.

We set the BRUV in four different locations. Two locations were in green zones on the Marine Park, these areas are no take zones and two areas outside of the green zones.

The BRUV is a simple, yet very effective set up. The camera is a GoPro attached to a brick and the bait station is a pegged bag of Pilchards.

It was interesting that when we placed the stations we saw very little marine life, however in the evening when we looked back at the footage the areas were teaming with life. Rays, Hermit Crabs, Cat Fish, Turtles, Crabs, and many other species of small fish.

It was interesting to see that the water was much more turbid today and the seagrass was much longer and the roots were much shorter, the opposite from yesterday in the clear water.

Another highlight of the day was when a Mullet jumped out of the water and into our boat, whilst we were moving.

I have uploaded some photos and video clips of the locations we visited at

Bait BagTurtle from BRUVBRUV