Saturday: Perfect Ending!

What a perfect end to the week! Our "official" research was finished yesterday, so this morning a few of us were fortunate enough to go snorkeling.

 Our aim was to see some manta rays, and we headed up to the top of the island and into the Pacific Ocean.  Unfortunately the manta rays weren’t at their usual place, so we went to another location where everyone (except me) had another snorkel.  I was feeling pretty seedy and decided to stay on the boat!

While we were driving around we had a couple of encounters with some very curious dolphins.  I managed to get some great photos of them under the water:

Saturday Dolphin 1

The first dolphins that we saw was a mother and a baby:

Saturday Dolphin 2

They were very curious and headed towards the boat to have a look. 

Saturday Dolphins 3

A few minutes later we saw a group of about five or six swimming around.  They came really close – it was so fantastic to see them in their natural habitat so close up.

Tonight I am in Brisbane before heading back to Melbourne early tomorrow morning, and then back to school on Monday.  What an incredible week!!