Friday: Jellies Jellies Everywhere!

Today I was on the catamaran doing seagrass mapping with the gopro camera on the sled:

Friday - Sled

The sled is wired to a small screen that we see what is underwater on:

Friday screen

Here is James our researcher and also Captain looking at the GPS deciding which sites in the bay we should map:

Friday - Skipper James

We saw a number of sites where there were some 40% to 50% coverage but also a number of sites where we just saw sand, muddy sand and shell grit.  At one stage in the morning when the camera had hit the bottom and we were looking at the seagrass there were lots and lots of what appeared to be bubbles.  We kept looking and trying to work out what they were, and then realized that they were little jellyfish.  About five minutes later we were surrounded by a swarm of jellyfish of all sizes.  They were amazing to watch – very pretty.  I’m told they can give a nasty sting though so I chose not to got for a swim:

Friday Jellies

I was so taken by how beautiful they were in the water that I sat down at the very back of the boat where I could put my camera into the water amongst them.  I managed to get one fantastic photo of them – this picture is actually the top of a jellyfish in the water:

Friday - Big Weird Jelly

They are called “blue blubber jellyfish” – how amazing!! 

After some more seagrass mapping in the afternoon we headed back to shore.  We might be doing a little data entry before heading home.  It will be so sad to end the trip tomorrow, but at the same time, I can’t wait to share the experience and all the things that I learned. 

Thursday Seagrass 2