Sunday: I have arrived!!

I have arrived in beautiful Brisbane!!  The weather is overcast but certainly warmer than Melbourne was when I left in the early hours this morning.  

We went straight from the airport to the Stradbroke Ferry, then to the research facility where we are staying.  For all the Grade 4's- the ferry was much smaller than the one we took on our way to and from Angahook Camp, but it took about the same amount of time to cross the stretch of water.  We are sleeping in bunk beds so quite similar to Angahook.  We were given a formal welcome to the area by a member of the local Quandamooka aboriginal people which was fantastic.  She spoke to us about the local indigenous peoples connection to this land and the issues that they are presently facing.  I was able to relate back to the talk we had last year from Lionel Launch and how he spoke of a connection to our local area on the Peninsula.

We have been learning all about the research that we will be undertaking over the next week, and hearing about how important it is to map the locations of the seagrass.  Tomorrow we are heading out to start our first day of research, and I hope to get some video and photos to show you.  There will be three boats that we are divided up onto and I will be on the 'biggest' boat which is called "Velella".  It's the only boat that you can be guaranteed to stay dry on!  I hope to do some swimming though, so I've packed my wetsuit.