Glaucus the invincible

What a fantastic day on the amazing Glaucus.  Our skipper Paul has a power of knowledge to both share with us and the community of Brisbane.  We started off again at 6.25 and had another great breakfast of the Velella and then transferred on to the Glaucus for our first look at planting cameras under the sea. 

We placed "go pro" copies into various sections of the seagrass beds with some baskets containing bait.  We left them for 1 hour and proceeded to explore the mangroves.  What an experience to walk through the mud and trees within this environment.

We then went off and did some mapping in another section of the bay and then went back to collect our cameras.  Unfortunately my trusted partner, Andy, and I lost our bait baskets and let our skipper down.  Our group dropped from an A average group doing everything well do a F- group.  After collecting our cameras we then went offf and snorkelled off Horseshoe Bay exploring the coral of this area.  There were abundant supplies of coral of numerous species.  It was great to see this.

We then went to do some mapping in very deep water.  Paul dived 13.9 m which just absolutely astounded me.  He became my new hero.  We then went to find a Dugong and we found one.  It was very exciting.

What a great day.