A beautiful day on the Velella

The day started off with great anticipation.  We were excited to spend the day on the beautiful catamaran the Velella.  Our job was to obtain samples of seagrass along the sea bed of Morton Bay. 

A camera was dropped into the bay and each person had a specific task to complete.  We had to connect the camera, throw the camera into the water, record the information once it hit the sea floor and then  retreive the camera.

There was limited amounts of seagrass and we mainly found sand.  Not many sightings of animals other than a few turtles.  One  group saw at least 25 Dugongs, which they were over the moon to see.

Tomorrow we will be placing cameras on the bed of the bay with bait then picking them up and hopefully see some activity.

A great day with lots of fantastic activities including sailing rather than using the motor.


 Person on Velella full size