TeachLive Outcomes

TeachLive has great outcomes for the teachers and schools involved.

Earthwatch believes the benefits of TeachLive are three-fold with teachers and schools gaining educational, social and environmental skills, techniques and understanding.

Educational Outcomes

student computer medium 
  • Teachers equipped with the latest techniques in science and ICT
  • Inspired teachers who have the skills and motivation to implement environmental programs within schools
  • Improved teacher moral and retention
  • Students with a deeper understanding of the environment and the role of science in conservation
  • Students proficient in the use of ICT, equipping them with valuable skills for their future


Environmental Outcomes

Wood-Owls medium 
  • Improved understanding of the role of scientific research in conservation
  • Improved understanding of threatened species and habitats and the processes that affect them
  • Insight into the importance to communities of a healthy environment both economically and culturally
  • Skills and techniques in how to design, implement and monitor environmental programs


Social Outcomes

steve williams medium 
  • Students exposed to new and varied personal and professional role models providing them with new possibilities for their future and positive images of what they can achieve
  • A network of TeachLive alumni which provides important support and advice
  • Teachers and students who value volunteering and know the benefits of working in a team to achieve a common goal
  • Students are able to meet peers safely online and see what activities other individuals, schools and communities are doing around environmental sustainability
  • These three fold outcomes work to improve the long-term sustainability of communities by building on their capacity to support and enhance the aspirations of their youth.